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What’s The Deal With Vices?

Maybe you’ve heard before, “Nothing wrong with having a vice” or “Everyone has as vice!” Some people go as far as arguing vices that having at least one vice is healthy, as it gives us that “reward” or satisfaction that might be hard to achieve otherwise. 

But what do people really mean by vice? A “vice” is defined as “a moral fault or failing.” Vices could be binge watching TV, drinking alcohol, eating sweets, or smoking cigarettes. Vices, by definition, are things that are bad for your long-term health or goals. They make us feel good in the moment, but often full of regret or shame later on. Without question, food, particularly food with sugar and flour, is a huge vice for many. Maybe it’s the ice cream after dinner, or the chocolate at your desk. It could be the pizza on a lazy day or mac and cheese during a stressful time. The problem with using food as your vice, is it often becomes more than just a once and awhile thing. Repeated and frequent consumption of sugar and flour alter our brain to want more and more- making your once a month treat become once a week, then once a day. Before you know it, you need it to function! Things can get out of hand pretty quick. So maybe having a “vice” isn’t all it’s cracked out to be. While it’s totally understandable that no one is perfect, a moral failing and bad habit is certainly not something to strive for or accept as unchangeable. If your vices are created more misery than reward, maybe it’s time to try a different way.  Trying a different way means thinking about things a little differently. Can you let go of this idea that you need to have a vice? Or if that doesn’t seem possible right now, can you try to think about a vice that doesn’t cause harm to you or others? Maybe your vice could be dying your hair, buying something impractical, or leaving the dishes dirty for the night.  xoxo,  Molly
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