Blog, Food Addiction, | 11.07.19

Why Sugar and Flour Are Addictive

Do you find yourself craving cake and ice cream? How about bread and pasta? Don’t worry, we all have similar urges. Do your cravings lead to late night binges? Funny how you don’t have the same compulsion when it comes to broccoli or chicken though, huh?

To really understand why certain foods have this power over us, and to move toward creating healthier relationships with food and ourselves, then we have to talk about the science behind sugar and flour addiction. I know that many people don’t find science sexy, but it’s important to have all the facts straight!

When you eat Sugar, your body is flooded with a neurotransmitter called dopamine. Dopamine affects the decision-making, memory, and learning centers of the brain – it basically tells us to seek out and keep doing whatever it was that produced the dopamine in the first place. In this case, eating Sugar! So not only does that slice of cake induce a feeling of pleasure through the initial release of dopamine, it also signals cravings for more. But like just about anything, continued dopamine exposure builds tolerance. So it gradually takes more and more Sugar to produce the same effects!

Conversely, the longer we can abstain from indulging these cravings, the lower the tolerance will get and the less Sugar our bodies will require for the same pleasurable effect. Our goal is to break the hold that Sugar has on you, whether that means eliminating it altogether or just learning to manage it. Of course, it sounds easier than it is, but don’t worry! I’m here to help you the whole way. #babysteps


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