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Why Weighing Yourself Isn’t As Important As You Think

Diet drama and trauma have really hammered into our brains that the scale is your indicator of success and self-worth. Headlines like “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days” or “Get bikini-ready and drop 5 sizes!” are not unusual headlines to see online, on your television, or in magazines. 

Is Scale Weight Ever Important?

At Team MC, we’re a big fan of what works to help get you to your goals- and if you’ve struggled with problems with food and weight, it’s likely that weight release is one of those goals! 

Here’s what we know doesn’t work to get you to your goals of weight release: an extreme focus on weight and the scale. Seeing that number on the scale, when you’re weighing in an emotion-driven, inconsistent way, can put your emotions in a tailspin and make you lose sight of the larger picture- a loving and effective relationship with food.

Taking that into account, here’s what does work: accepting that weight is an outcome of a healthy relationship with food, and creating loving boundaries so that the number on the scale doesn’t rule your every thought and action. Those boundaries include not weighing too frequently or just weighing “when you feel like it.” 

What You Really Need to Focus On

Who needs a brain cluttered with the “noise” of the scale obsession? Instead, focus on the process to get you to your goals- what’s working and not working, and making changes accordingly. This is a much more effective way to release weight AND a life free from scale drama!


Team Molly

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