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We’re here to help people just like you overcome emotional eating, food addiction, and binge-eating disorders, diet drama and trauma, and everything in between with so many options for support.


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(Re)Finding Your <i>Authentic Self </i>

(Re)Finding Your Authentic Self

Are you ready to get back into a relationship with yourself? - Find new motivation, get grounded inside & feel empowered for change? Let’s do this.

We’re kicking off summer with a day-long online retreat focused on giving you the skills and knowledge to connect to your internal wisdom, allowing you a deeper relationship of trust, appreciation and love with… yourself.

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It IS possible to heal your relationship with food

It IS possible to heal your relationship with food

…and it IS possible to stop struggling with your health, weight, AND yo-yo dieting. (...Yes, seriously!)

Discover EXACTLY how to break through your most stubborn and long-held issues with food. Learn to establish trust and confidence in your ability to make nourishing food choices. Start on the path to loving and honoring your body and yourself!

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Hey, Im Molly!

I’m an eating disorder and addiction therapist obsessed with helping you break free of all your food drama. All of it. Food addiction, emotional eating, binge eating, and destructive dieting. And, while I have a bunch of credentials, I’ve also been there - hopeless, out of ideas, believing I’m unhelpable and a healthy relationship with food does not exist. 

Spoiler alert: IT DOES.

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My Story

Your personal guide to Breaking Up With Sugar.

With Molly as your coach, your counsel and your very best girlfriend, she’ll help you break free of sugar’s hold, release weight, divorce dieting, and reinvent your life!

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Success Stories

Messages of Hope. Our amazing clients did it and so can you!

When I was led to The Beacon, I felt hopeless and trapped. Within weeks, I began to feel a sense of hope and purpose I had not felt in years. Physically, I’ve lost weight with ease. Psychologically and spiritually, I feel liberated. Beacon saved my life & has made it worth living again.

- BG

Thanks to The Beacon, I successfully maintain an 80-pound weight loss. I have become a much more introspective and mindful spouse, father, and employee. I’m forever grateful to the Beacon for helping to change my life in a way I never thought possible.

- DC

I didn’t know at the time, but the genuine warmth and welcoming I felt from every single person I encountered that first day was truly indicative of the incredible support I would receive over my time in the Beacon program.

- OB

The right solution can transform your life.

Beacon by MC will help you heal your relationship with food and yourself, so you can create the life you’ve always wanted and deserve.

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