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The abundant, loving, flexible relationship with food that you’ve been seeking begins here. Enough with the fad diets, the disempowering coaching models, and the endless attempts to do this on your own. Become the architect of your life and your recovery. All from highly trained specialists who KNOW the struggle of food addiction, binging and emotional eating first hand. We’ve got your back.

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As someone who has struggled with my own addictions, I know the pain, suffering, and alienation you’re feeling. I’ve also experienced the soul-crushing moments that come with so many failed solutions. I felt like healing was absolutely IMPOSSIBLE.

We are fiercely devoted to helping you find your FREEDOM – helping you heal your unhealthy relationship with food and your relationship with yourself. Enough is enough. Let’s have this be the LAST TIME you try something new–let’s make it FOREVER.

YOU DESERVE TO HEAL. The truth in reconnecting with your happy, healthy, highest self is not about crash diets, unsustainable starving, misguided advice from poorly trained coaches, or listening to quick soundbites meant to change your life.

Actual CHANGE begins with learning how to be more skillful and create lasting habits, addressing and healing root causes, and managing life when it gets lifey (‘cause you KNOW it’s going to get lifey).

All our programming is crafted with one thing in mind: Helping you live your very best life. The one you DESERVE. It’s right here waiting for you, and my team and I are privileged and excited to walk the path with you.



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Ready to stop the battle with food, weight and your body? Humble Eating Coaching helps you build a nurturing and empowered relationship with food. Using evidence-based practice, individual guidelines and lots of self-determination, we’ll get you into the relationship you deserve with food… and yourself.


(Semaglutide, Injectable and Bariatric Success)

Want to maximize the long-term benefits of your medical weight loss options? Our SIB program uniquely provides science-based teaching and compassionate support so you can sustainably transform your relationship with food and thrive. Let’s ensure you fully embrace the healthy life you deserve.


Intensive Learning + Intensive Connection + Intensive Support = LONG TERM SUCCESS. This unique and highly effective All IN Intensive Coaching program has been designed with all of this in mind… And it’s AWESOME.  Get the help you deserve!


Curious about the transformative MC experience but not ready to dive in? Dip your toe with our free monthly intenSati workout, incredibly supportive Facebook group, weekly love letter delivered to your inbox, podcast and blog. Let’s start building your power circle of support and self-care today!


Looking to get insight into existing programming to help your clients who struggle with binge-eating disorder, food addiction, borderline personality disorder or other related disorders? Get a tailored solution to achieve your objectives from my expertise as a DBT and addictions therapist and recovering addict.


I’m here to entertain and inspire change in your audience – so book me now! I’ve touched countless people through my personal story of overcoming addiction, mixed with practical clinical and spiritual advice of how others can achieve the same. Transform your next event into something spectacular by booking me today.


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With me as your coach, your counsel and your very best girlfriend, I’ll help you break free of sugar’s hold, release weight, divorce dieting and reinvent your life!

Thanks to The Beacon, I successfully maintain an 80-pound weight loss. I have become a much more introspective and mindful spouse, father, and employee. I’m forever grateful to the Beacon for helping to change my life in a way I never thought possible.


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