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Why we are


There are SO MANY programs making promises about how they can help you heal. We’re honored that you’re considering us to be your co-pilot on your healing journey.

Here’s why Beacon by MC stands apart from the other options you may be considering:

1. Finding Your “Forever” with Science, Empathy, and Self-Determination

Our program is dedicated to finding the right balance for YOU and for GOOD. We expertly blend scientifically proven techniques with a deep respect for your individual wisdom and decision-making abilities. This approach isn’t just theory—it’s been refined and validated by thousands who have walked this path before you, each with their own unique experiences and successes.

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2. Expert Coaches Who Get It

Our coaches are more than experts—they are fellow travelers on this journey. They bring personal experiences with food and body image challenges, deeply understanding the highs and lows. Their approach is a perfect blend of compassion, empathy, and a focused commitment to bring about the CHANGE you deserve.


3. Personalized Coaching All About YOU

While our coaches bring invaluable insights, they understand this journey is uniquely yours. Their role is to help you explore what truly works for YOU, honoring your individual pace and preferences. Remember, one size does NOT fit all here.


4. Our Helpers Get Help (and Training!)

Our team is deeply committed to ongoing professional development, ensuring that the support you receive is always rooted in the latest, evidence-based best practices. We also prioritize our own growth—meeting weekly to discuss our challenges, engage in personal development, and receive supervision as needed.

Your Success Story

5. Obsessed with Co-Creating Your Success Story

We recognize that the drive for lasting change must come from within, but understand the daunting nature of this path when walked alone. That’s where we shine. We’re here to support and empower you, fostering a safe space for honesty, growth, and permanent change. Our team is not just committed to our jobs; we’re obsessed with helping you achieve your goals.

We wholeheartedly believe in you and are eager to help you uncover your inner resources, strengths, and aspirations. Together, we’ll craft a path tailored to guide you into the relationship with food—and yourself—that you deserve.


If there’s even a whisper inside you urging you toward breaking free and finding your ideal relationship with food, don’t ignore it! Why wait any longer? Schedule a 15-minute Strategy Session with Molly Carmel, NOW, and let’s start the journey toward the life you deserve.

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