Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

When it comes to understanding the need to change our behaviors, my wise teacher, Marsha Linehan, cuts right to the chase:  “Distress tolerance, at least over the short run, is part and parcel of any attempt to change oneself; otherwise, impulsive actions will interfere with efforts to establish desired changes.”  In shorthand: If nothing changes, […]

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Not Another Diet

I know that the idea of being on a “food plan” can feel restrictive or scary, almost as if you’re on another crash-and-burn diet. It can bring up those thoughts and emotions that protect us from the harm that’s diets have caused us in the past. After all, restrictive dieting is very harmful and has […]

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Why Sugar and Flour Are Addictive

Do you find yourself craving cake and ice cream? How about bread and pasta? Don’t worry, we all have similar urges. Do your cravings lead to late night binges? Funny how you don’t have the same compulsion when it comes to broccoli or chicken though, huh? To really understand why certain foods have this power […]

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It’s Time to Divorce Your Diet

As 2019 closes and 2020 draws near, people are beginning to think about their New Year’s resolutions. For many, that means a new diet. Throughout your life, you’ve probably tried at least one diet, and more likely several. They all promise fantastical end results: unprecedented weight loss, rapid results, turn your body into a fat-burning […]

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