Connecting with people is my absolute passion. You can count on me to bring my A-game - filled with knowledge, story telling, humor, and fierce commitment to helping everyone who I meet find their own personal freedom.

My passion for helping people comes from the deepest and most personal place: as someone who understands the plight of food addiction and compulsive dieting, and as someone who couldn’t get help because the right kind of help didn’t exist.

Not only do I have over 18 years of professional experience supporting people in solving their issues with food addiction and binge eating, I come with my own personal story of overcoming adversity to find my own peace and freedom.

Now that I’ve discovered the solution - in breaking up with sugar, divorcing dieting and healing your relationship with food and yourself, I am on a personal mission to share it with as many people as I can.

Interested in having me come and share my message? Here’s a short list of what I love love love to talk about!

  • How diets and diet culture  are are keeping you (unknowingly) in an abusive relationship with food
  • Why your solution isn’t intuitive eating... it’s humble eating
  • Our sneaky and addictive relationship with Sugar and how it’s holding us hostage
  • The Anti-Perfection plan and how it will lead you to peace with food and yourself

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