intensive coaching

Our comprehensive, incredible, small-batch group coaching program is here! Get ready for the shift you’ve been waiting for into the relationship you DESERVE.

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12 week Individualized Group Coaching

★ Change is possible ★ Change is YOURS for the taking ★

I’ve been known to say that your SOLUTION needs to be as big as your PROBLEM. So many of us are making attempts to heal that are like taking an Advil when we need a hard-core antibiotic.

Here’s your hard-core antibiotic: The All IN INTENSIVE is the HEALING PRESCRIPTION and HEALING SPACE you deserve.

★ You may feel that change is impossible ★ IT IS NOT ★

I know this from my own experience and countless experiences working with thousands of others who have felt that way too.


Your new way is here.

★ The ALL IN INtensive is your new way ★

I’ve taken my years of eating disorder and addiction coaching and therapy, combined with what I know about what you need to make this permanent change in your relationship with food and yourself. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking it through, creating your INTENSIVE curriculum, planning groups, and thinking about how we can provide you with the most effective and healing support you can get.

And here we are. I’m SO EXCITED for you to take advantage of this opportunity to TRULY AND PERMANENTLY HEAL.

Get ready for complete, loving support. Get ready for in-depth learning. Get ready for accelerated goal achieving. Get ready for FULL HEALING. 

Are you ALL IN???

Get ready for:
  • Your Power Circle group of 10-12 people
  • Weekly teachings via video with Molly
  • Weekly 1.5-hour group where you will enhance your learning, get some spot-coaching and set your goals for the week
  • One group a month will be run by Molly Carmel, the others by your assigned Beacon by MC coach.
  • Private Power Circle Facebook group for your group and coach – for support, accountability discussion, and more.
  • Five-day-a-week interaction with your coach in your Facebook group (and they’ll reach out if  you’ve gone missing!)

Go you for taking this brave step to heal your relationship with food! You’re a rockstar.

Elizabeth Hale

Mon 7pm-8:30pm (EST)

Stars Sep 25th with Coach Elizabeth Hale

Elizabeth Hale

Tue 7pm-8:30pm (EST)

Starts Sep 26th with Coach Elizabeth Hale

Kirsten Schiff

Wed 11am-12:30pm (EST)

Starts Sep 27th with Coach Kirsten Schiff

Why are the ALL IN Coaches different?


ALL IN Coaches have their own individual recovery journey – with at least 2 years of BUWS abstinence – so they GET IT on a deep level


ALL IN coaches have completed a certified coaching program including coaching training hours


ALL IN coaches have also completed a specific Beacon by MC training – understanding the specifics of the BUWS methodology and ideas


ALL IN coaches have weekly meetings with Molly Carmel to review their week as coaches, seek support, guidance and learning – every ALL IN coach is COACHED themselves!

$185 / week
(billed monthly at $740)

Mondays with Elizabeth

7pm-8:30pm (EST)

Tuesdays with Elizabeth

7pm-8:30pm (EST)

Wednesdays with Kirsten

11am-12:30pm (EST)