Finding Freedom From the Scale

Our relationship with the scale can be fraught with all kinds of emotions – especially if we’ve had a history of negative body image or dieting. That number can start to mean more than just a number- it can start to encompass our self-worth, our willpower, and our self-esteem. So with all this taken into […]

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Self-Love Comes From Small Actions

You might have heard me talk before about the two relationships we can never escape – one is your relationship with food, and one is with yourself. And that relationship with self can be tricky right? With a lifelong history of starting diets, making promises, blowing diets, and cheating on our promise, our relationship with […]

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The Gifts That Come From Breaking Up With Sugar

Big changes are hard…and sometimes when things feel difficult we can lose sight of all the amazing, wonderful things that come with a sugar and flour free life. Since the book’s release, I’ve been hearing each day from people I’ve never even met about how breaking up with Sugar has transformed their lives. It’s inspirational […]

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Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

When it comes to understanding the need to change our behaviors, my wise teacher, Marsha Linehan, cuts right to the chase:  “Distress tolerance, at least over the short run, is part and parcel of any attempt to change oneself; otherwise, impulsive actions will interfere with efforts to establish desired changes.”  In shorthand: If nothing changes, […]

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