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Connection: A necessity in your recovery.

Connection is not an optional, but rather an essential piece of recovery from an addiction or eating disorder.  As social beings, it’s long understood that we don’t do well in isolation. In one study that looked at the effects of connection-deprived rats, the rats that experienced social isolation were more sensitive to stress and had […]

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Fear: when is it useful, when is it not?

Fear is perhaps the most basic and primal emotion. It’s hard-wired into our brain for survival- to escape from the bear that’s chasing us, to get enough food to last through the winter, to find belonging and safety.  But what happens in modern-day times, when we no longer fleeing from bears on a day to […]

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Feeling all the feels? They are valid.

One of the trickiest parts of healing your relationship with food is knowing what to do and how to take care of yourself when you’re feeling all the feelings. It’s usually in these moments that we say “it’s no big deal” or “screw it,” and end up undermining our long-term relationship goals. In order to […]

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Reparations: The groundwork for a loving relationship.

A life of diet drama and trauma can certainly do a number to our self-respect, self-esteem, and self-confidence. When we behave in harmful and unloving ways, we send the message to ourselves that we are not worth being treated with compassion and respect.  Not only are we the victim of this self-harming diet behavior, but […]

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