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3 ways to strengthen your relationship with food after the holiday.

With the holiday weekend behind us, it can sometimes be difficult to get back into the rhythm of the week. Here are three ways you can strengthen your relationship with food this upcoming week:

Tip 1: Connect with others for accountability

Let other people know your commitments and your plan headed into a more tricky time. Some people use this skill every day by texting an accountability partner, but it’s also something you can use when you find yourself headed into a difficult moment. Why? Research says that when we make our commitments public we’re much more likely to follow through with them. 

Don’t let fear and shame get in the way of you reaching out for accountability and support. By acting opposite to these feelings, and getting connected with others in the name of your goals, you’re much more likely to succeed. 

Tip 2: Focus on what you can do rather than what can go wrong

Much too often we focus on what can go wrong, rather than that what can go right. It’s just how our brain works! This is super helpful for physical survival, but not so much for everyday situations where safety is not an issue. 

Because our brain automatically looks for our potential for failure, it’s necessary that we practice thinking through what could go well and what could bring us closer to our goals. By thinking too much about what can go wrong, we may be overestimating the potential for failure, and may be even giving up before we give ourselves a chance. When we focus on what to do and how we can be successful, we’re much more likely to take action in the direction of our goals. 

Tip 3: Strengthen your routines

Routines are so essential to the success of your food plan. After a weekend of unstructured time, it can be difficult to get back into these routines, or it atleast may not happen naturally. Some of these routines may revolve around waking up, going to bed, or doing rituals and self-care activities. These routines help to ensure that you are following through with your commitments for the day and keep you on steady footing for the week moving forward.

Which one of these tips can you implement this week? As always, know that Team MC is here rooting for you!


Team Molly

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