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Breaking Up with Sugar

Divorce the Diets, Drop The Pounds, and Live Your Best Life

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You’ll be amazed at how sweet your life will be when you’re free of the chokehold of sugar and dieting. Get ready to be transformed.

We know that Sugar is terrible for our health. But what we may not realize is that we have entered into an incredibly unhealthy relationship with sugar… bordering on abusive. This relationship has impacted us physically, neurologically, hormonally, psychologically, and emotionally. When you’re in an abusive relationship with Sugar, eating in moderation is often impossible. But, fear not, a solution exists.

The solution to your food and weight problems isn’t willpower or the next fad diet—it’s breaking up with Sugar.

What You’ll Learn

Breaking Up With Sugar offers you a sustainable blueprint for finding true freedom and healing your relationship with food and with yourself. With Molly as your coach, your counsel, and your very best girlfriend, she’ll help you break free of sugar’s hold, release weight, divorce dieting, and reinvent your life.

66-day Roadmap

Your guide for kicking sugar to the curb to create a new happier, healthier relationship with food.

7 Self-affirming Vows

Your guideposts to return to and rely on to find food freedom and to end the overeating-and-dieting cycle.

Step-By-Step Meal plan

Designed to take the guesswork out of sugar-free eating, including meal choices for on-the-go.

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The secret about sugar is that even small amounts can be harmful to our health because our bodies learn to want more. And that makes moderation impossible. Molly explains the science behind a problem so many struggle with, and helps readers untangle the emotions that can get in their way. If you struggle with weight issues and haven’t found solutions elsewhere, this book has the answers you’ve been looking for

- Mark Hyman

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