There’s no doubt that overeating and binge eating is something that many many people struggle with. And there’s no doubt that many people have an at least somewhat complicated relationship with food.

Why is that? Through new research, it’s become clear that there’s something about the food itself that makes it tricky to moderate our intake. The concept of food addiction has increasingly gained more support as the science shows that people tend to overeat and binge on certain ultra-rewarding foods.

But the truth is, there’s A LOT of food addiction skeptics in the world of eating disorders. And there are many people who believe that the solution for everyone is to eat in moderation – ie. only listening to our body’s cues. 

This sounds great (in theory), but the problem is that it fails to take into account that certain foods, packed with sugar and flour, are DESIGNED to make us eat more. And when we continue to eat these foods, our fullness and hunger cues get all out of whack, making our body a very unreliable indicator of when to eat and when to stop eating. 

That’s why it’s so important for you to ask yourself “what do you know to be true about YOURSELF?” When we live how we think we should be able to eat (“I should be able to eat ice cream because everyone else is”), and ignore the reality of the situation (“When I eat ice cream, it’s hard to stop eating), we’re likely to keep running into obstacles, frustration, shame, and disappointment. 

Know that you’re not alone if you feel the pull towards binging on certain foods, feel out of control eating these foods, and have a hard time stopping. There are so many people who have this story, and there is a solution that works. The science is there backing it up!

The most important thing you can do for yourself and your relationship with food is trusting your intuition on what feels like the best fit for you (even if that intuition is telling you to do the hard thing). When you follow that wise voice, you can get all that freedom you’ve been looking for.


Team Molly

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