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Celebrating progress, doing away with perfectionism.

The month of January is perhaps best known for the bombardment of diet messaging and “Healthier You” New Year’s resolutions. 

This January also happens to be the one year anniversary of Molly’s book Breaking up with Sugar! It’s a time to reflect on the intentions and commitments we have made to ourselves in our breaking up with sugar journeys. It’s a time to celebrate our progress, while also reflect on the lessons we learned the past year. 

No relationship is perfect- that’s for sure. And your relationship with food is no exception. So rather than setting your sights on being perfect this new year, how about you focus on creating a more loving relationship with food and with yourself. Label what action steps or intentions take you closer to that loving relationship, and identify what thoughts and behaviors take you farther away. 

And above all, don’t forget that you are always in a relationship with food. Even when our motivation falters, our commitment to a loving and peaceful relationship can remain constant. That’s what separates your relationship with food from the diets, cleanses, and challenges that you hear about in January.

As always, know that if you need any support on your goals for this year, Team MC and the Beacon are here to help. We’re here rooting for you!


Team Molly

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