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Sugar Addiction, | 10.28.21

Feeling Deprived from Your Breakup with Sugar? Here Why It’s About Liberation Not Deprivation

Breaking up with Sugar is about liberation, not deprivation. It’s about finding new ways to nourish and nurture ourselves that don’t cause us shame, demoralization, and hopelessness. Not to mention the array of physical harm Sugar has caused us. 

It’s reallllllyyyyyy hard to see this truth when you’re in the relationship – – or bopping in and out and in and out (but if you’re doing that please don’t stop trying. EVER. I am here believing in you like WHOA).  When sugar is an active participant in your life, it’s going to tell you that you can’t live without it, that your life will be miserable, that there’s no fun or joy to be had. That’s literally the voice of an abuser. And it’s DEAD WRONG FULL OUT LIES.

The antidote to feeling deprived is to shift your focus – to move away from focusing on how horrible life is going to be without sugar.  While that may seem to feel true, all that story does is keep you trapped in the sugar addiction cycle, feeding your fears about deprivation. No bueno. 

Here’s the Solution

Let’s move you away from the negative voices and get to the positive – the “why.” Ask yourself,

“Why am I making this amazing life shift?”

“Why am I taking a hold of my physical, emotional and spiritual health?”

“Why am I deciding to live a different life?” 

Answer those questions and focus on NOTHING BUT THAT. Literally. Anything else that comes into your mind is suited for the river of trash – let it flow away. Byeeeeee – we have a big, beautiful, drama-FREE life waiting for us. A life of freedom from the drama of diets and the grips of sugar addiction.

By honing in on our focus, we’re setting the stage for our mindset and belief system. That is, when you focus on the deprivation, you feel deprived. When you focus on the awesomeness of the horizon of your new life without the abuse of sugar, you set yourself up to embrace it. Can you even imagine what could happen with that kind of cosmic shift? 

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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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