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Uncategorized, | 11.07.19

It’s Time to Divorce Your Diet

As 2019 closes and 2020 draws near, people are beginning to think about their New Year’s resolutions. For many, that means a new diet. Throughout your life, you’ve probably tried at least one diet, and more likely several. They all promise fantastical end results: unprecedented weight loss, rapid results, turn your body into a fat-burning machine! We’re lured in by inflated and unrealistic expectations and vow to ourselves: This diet is IT. Things are going to be different!

But the reality couldn’t be further from the fallacy and those magical results will never come to fruition. Just like with an abusive partner, you stick around for the rare positive moment and delude yourself into forgetting about all the times you’ve been hurt in the past. And just like with an abuser, the only way to break the cycle is to divorce dieting for good!

Divorcing dieting is an adjustment to your mindset. Instead of fixating on transitory short-term, often extreme restrictions, it will allow you to focus on building a new relationship with food and, by extension, yourself. You’ll be able to concentrate on these new relationships and will come to appreciate the peace and calm that the ability to ignore the newest abusive diet will give you. Your goal should be to find a realistic and sustainable food plan that you can trust (like breaking up with sugar and flour!) and make a long-term commitment to your new loving lifestyle, over yet another short-lived fling with a disappointing diet.

Because don’t we all deserve to trust in ourselves and have a little bit of peace?



Photos By: Unsplash

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