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Managing Emotional Eating During an Emotional 4th of July

It’s a weird Fourth of July this year, wouldn’t you agree? It’s an energetically strange time for celebrating America’s independence with all that’s going on in our country regarding freedoms of all kinds, and all the differing opinions to boot. Fourth of July = lots of feelings, that’s for sure.  

Whether you’re feeling tall and proud, or angry and ashamed, or some combination, this week most definitely kicks off the season of gatherings. And with all your feelings, it’s important to make sure you direct that energy outward and don’t have an imploding firework event that ends in confetti cake and patriotic popsicles.

A couple of tips to help you shine bright while you’re partying:

Plan it out. Flexible planning is your BFF for all things long-term food and weight success. And, frankly, life. Seriously, planning doesn’t take the fun out of your parties, it ADDS fun to your parties. It allows for food and food behaviors to be in their rightful place, with some flexible limits around them. What does this do? Allows you to be fully present for all the fun! 

When it comes to parties, there are all sorts of ways to make sure your recovery comes first. A fave option is bringing a Beacon-friendly entree or side for all to partake in, like a good old-fashioned fruit skewer. No matter how you decide to plan for your parties, remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish. And you deserve everything you’re wishing for.

Cultivate some fun. Sometimes with all the food drama and trauma, it’s easy to forget that parties are, in fact, FUN. And if they aren’t, maybe you can bring the fun! What does that mean? How can you make the festivities of the fourth fun for you? Bring a kite, board game, or awesome playlist to the BBQ. Arrange a game of badminton or sing-along for everyone! What would be fun that’s not food? Dig deep, the fun is in there- BE the fun!

Put on your Proverbial knee pads. Sometimes falling off the bike creates a mindset that encourages giving up. And that’s where the real problem lies. It’s not the bite of a cupcake or slice of pizza that gets us in trouble, it’s our reaction to those behaviors. So often when we get into trouble, we don’t stop, turn our brains back on, and get back on the plan. Quite the opposite: we make a bad situation worse.

The solution to this problem is called “Harm Reduction” – it’s exactly what it sounds like – how can we minimize impact when harm has been done? How can we stop making one bite of cupcake or one slice of pizza into a 3-month bender filled with self-harm and self-hate? Slap on your proverbial knee pads and get back on that bike! Find an area for yourself, take a deep breath, get mindful, and keep it movin’!

Here at Beacon we’re all about Freedom- and with these three reminders, we believe that you will be super skilled-up and that compulsive overeating will be so last 4th of July. Enjoy the fireworks!

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Photo by Alondra Olivas on Unsplash

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