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Talking Therapy, Experiencing Therapy, and Healing Self-Hate with Adrienne Glasser

The way we talk to ourselves and the relationship we have with our thoughts are an important part of healing trauma, stopping self-hating, and accepting our image. Sometimes, the thought patterns and the unregulated self-talk are so deep rooted in our minds that we don’t even realize when they appear and, therefore, we cannot stop them from reoccurring. Can you recognize the moments when you punish yourself?

In this episode of What You’re Craving, Molly welcomes Adrienne Glasser to discuss addiction, trauma, and the importance of therapy experiences – and not only therapy talks. Adrienne talks about compassionate self-talk, being aware of the sensations in our body when we feel self-hate, and how to begin to treat addictions and self-image issues with just awareness. Tune in to listen to the whole episode.

Episode Quote

  • “Everything that’s happening is either a form of protection or is coming from wounding. It’s not anything that anyone is doing on purpose and it’s just a reflection of where you’ve been and not who you are.” – Adrienne Glasser

Key Highlights

  • Adrienne explains how she began working as a therapist and how in her childhood she herself dealt with a lot of addiction and trauma but was also surrounded by a lot of therapy talk;
  • It’s important to know that protective systems (how we keep wanting to be safe and protected no matter what) truly have their foundation in traumas;
  • Adrienne explains that the well-known moments of self-hate and self-doubt need to be noted to be stopped. It’s also helpful to notice what physical ­­­­­­­­sensations they cause in the body;
  • Adrienne and Molly briefly discuss the diet culture and how it is the source of many rejection patterns we keep reproducing;
  • How to find your authentic Self and reconnect with it in order to live a better and more peaceful life.

About Adrienne Glasser

Adrienne Glasser is a meditation spiritual teacher, psychotherapist, certified IFS practitioner, and a somatic movement therapist. Her primary role is teaching clients and clinicians to reconnect with their most authentic Self and live their best lives.

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About Molly Carmel

Molly is a leading addiction and eating disorder therapist and the founder of the Beacon Program, which offers individual and group solutions to help people break free from their destructive relationships with food and dieting. She is also the author of ‘Breaking up with Sugar’ and the host of ‘What You’re Craving’ Podcast.

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