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Questions to ask yourself when it comes to self-care.

Self-care is a frequently tossed around word in the world of self-help. And just as with frequently used words, it can start to lose its meaning over time. Self-care can start to signify getting a pedicure or even having a good Netflix binge on a Friday night. But what really is self-care and how does it get confusing?

Self-care is the practice of attending to the needs of our mind, body, and spirit. It’s a practice of asking yourself: what do I need right now or what would help me feel more nourished?

Here’s how it gets confused- sometimes the thing we think should qualify as self-care is not what we need at all. Maybe rather than rushing around from massage to pedicure appointments, we could be validating ourselves and our emotions or setting a limit with a friend. Self-care can sometimes look less like a thing that we put into our schedule and look more like a non-concrete practice of self-love. While a manicure can be nice, it may not be the real self-care we are craving.

So what are a few different ways you can try out self-care? Typically the area we neglect is nourishment for our mind and spirit. Can you connect with someone that helps you feel safe and validated? Can you take a step away from an obligation that’s draining you or leading you to feel frustrated? What is a behavior that you can add to your day that will make you feel more nourished and fulfilled?

The self-care game is tricky! Know that Team MC and the Beacon are here to help. We’re here rooting you on always.


Team Molly

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