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Rethinking New Year’s Resolutions.

The new year may feel a little different this year. While we may be eager to turn over a new leaf in 2021, we also want to be aware of the “starting over” mentality that a new year and diet culture can bring. 

Around this time every year, we are bombarded with “New Year, New You” advertising, touting goals to lose weight, exercise every day, and the like. The new year is yet another opportunity for the multi-billion dollar diet industry to profit, and take advantage of our good intentions. 

This year, let’s do it differently. Instead of “starting over,” let’s set intentions in the direction of our goals, acknowledging the constraints of reality. When I say “acknowledging the constraints of reality,” what I’m talking about is accounting for the obstacles and barriers to “doing it perfectly” day in and day out.

So instead of making a goal to exercise every day, maybe the goal looks more like doing some type of movement 4 times of week. We need to set our goals to be realistic, and most importantly, sustainable. If you can’t imagine doing the goal for longer than a week or two, you can be sure you’re not set up for success.

What are your realistic and sustainable intentions for your New Year? As always, know that if you need any support on your goals for this year, Team MC and the Beacon are here to help. We’re here rooting for you!


Team Molly

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