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Making meaning from difficult moments.

Life gets lifey. That’s for sure. The question is- how do we interpret the situation when life gets difficult and challenging? We can choose to take a negative view- Things will always be like this. I can’t do this. Or, we can choose to find the lemonade in the lemons- I will learn from this. […]

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Journal and candle

Discover the truth about skills.

If you know anything about Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (aka DBT) or have heard about it in passing, you’ve probably noticed a lot of talk about skills. And you might be wondering- what exactly are skills? Skills are tools and strategies to help you get closer to your ultimate goals. Distress tolerance skills specifically are probably […]

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book and tea

Instead of turning to food, try these skills…

Skills, as they are called in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), are tools and strategies for getting through a difficult moment or craving without making it worse. When it comes to sticking to your food plan and goals, skills are tremendously important for tolerating emotions without turning to food and riding out urges to eat off […]

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tea and diffuser

3 ways to strengthen your relationship with food after the holiday.

With the holiday weekend behind us, it can sometimes be difficult to get back into the rhythm of the week. Here are three ways you can strengthen your relationship with food this upcoming week: Tip 1: Connect with others for accountability Let other people know your commitments and your plan headed into a more tricky […]

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