Big changes are hard…and sometimes when things feel difficult we can lose sight of all the amazing, wonderful things that come with a sugar and flour free life.

Since the book’s release, I’ve been hearing each day from people I’ve never even met about how breaking up with Sugar has transformed their lives. It’s inspirational and entirely humbling. I’ve also been reading in the private Breaking Up with Sugar facebook group about how people are astonished to see the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of this breakup. What a gift!! 

So let’s talk about what’s to gain in this relationship. One of the biggest benefits in creating a healthy relationship with food is clearing up all the noise! You know, noise like “Should I have the dessert? But if I have too much dessert, I’ll feel awful…. but if I don’t have the dessert people will judge me. What do I do!?” When we know what’s in our integrity with food, all that noise quiets down and we can make decisions that we are proud of. 

What’s more with all that extra noise gone, we can think clearly. We can make better decisions in the interest of our long-term relationship with yourself. You might find your anxiety improves- things feel more manageable. This is so so much more valuable than what any fad diet or quick fix can promise you!

Take a moment to reflect on the big changes you’ve noticed in your life after getting rid of sugar- what have you gained in this breakup? 

xoxo, Molly

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