Whether you’re on day 1 of no sugar and flour or day 100, you may be encountering some fear about how you’ll maintain a new and healthy relationship with food.

After so many years of diet drama and trauma, and many let-downs and disappointments, it makes all the sense in the world that doubt and fear arise in the space of uncertainty of where this new relationship with food will take you.

But here’s the thing- what if you really believed in yourself this time? What if, this time, you gave yourself that real chance and didn’t let the fear of the forevers and doubts about your commitment get in the way of your end goals? What would that look like? Feel like? Where would that road take you?

When you embark on your journey with creating a loving and healthy relationship with food with fear, doubt, and trepidation, you are sending the message to yourself that you can’t do this (which is absolutely 100% not true!)  Instead, act in confidence and assuredness- even if those worry thoughts pop up and try to sabotage your best intentions. 

And remind yourself- in this new relationship with food, you are no longer holding yourself to unrealistic standards that you need to be a perfect eater. Your path ahead will likely come with bumps and twists and turns- just like it does for anyone! The most important thing to promise yourself is that you will come back to your own wisest intuition about what works for you and what brings you closer to peace with food and with yourself. That’s how this time is different. 


Team Molly

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