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How to Manage Glucose to Stop Cravings, Maximize Health, and Live Longer with Jessie Inchauspé (Glucose Goddess)

In this episode of What You’re Craving, Molly welcomes Jessie Inchauspé (a.k.a. Glucose Goddess) to talk all things monitoring glucose, how to control glucose spikes, the consequences of high glucose levels in our body, and how to manage it all without giving up the foods we like. High glucose affects our mental health as well as our physical health, and Jessie talks all about it in this conversation.

In addition, she shares the easiest and most uncomplicated hacks to manage your glucose levels when ingesting a variety of foods. Consuming a high-protein/high-fat breakfast and combining a protein source with a carbohydrate source, for example, are two of these hacks. Jessie also talks about the best options for snacks, juices, smoothies, and how to implement these habits into our daily lives. Tune in!

Episode Quote

  • “Every time we eat, if we’re eating starches or sugars, they break down into glucose as we digest them, and glucose is great, it’s our bodies’ primary energy source and every cell in our body needs it for energy. Things start getting tricky when you experience a glucose spike, which is too much delivery of glucose, too quickly in your body.” – Jessie Inchauspé

Key Highlights

  • CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor): what is it, how does it work, and Jessie’s experience with this kind of monitoring data;
  • How glucose spikes affects mental health besides being an important cause of skin problems;
  • Lack of sleep is one of the most important aspects of our routines that influence glucose levels;
  • Hacks to keep our glucose levels steady (10 principles);
  • Jessie shares the best options for snacks, fruits, juices, smoothies and how to combine types of foods not to spike glucose levels;
  • What kind of health issues we may have when glucose levels are high and how to implement some of the hacks into daily life.

About Jessie Inchauspé

Jessie Inchauspé is on a mission to translate cutting-edge science into easy advice to help people improve their physical and mental health. She’s the founder of the wildly popular Instagram account @GlucoseGoddess, where she teaches hundreds of thousands of people about healthy food habits. In her first book, Glucose Revolution, Jessie shares her startling discovery about the essential role of blood sugar in every aspect of our lives, from cravings to fertility, and the surprising hacks to optimize it while still eating the foods we love.

Connect with Jessie Inchauspé

Instagram: @GlucoseGoddess

Book: Glucose Revolution by Jessie Inchauspé

About Molly Carmel
Molly is a leading addiction and eating disorder therapist and the founder of the Beacon Program, which offers individual and group solutions to help people break free from their destructive relationships with food and dieting. She is also the author of ‘Breaking up with Sugar’ and the host of ‘What You’re Craving’ Podcast.

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