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A Financial Planner’s Guide to Becoming Truly WELLthy

Do you constantly worry about money or feel dissatisfied with your financial situation? Molly’s guest today is Dawn Dahlby, a certified financial planner and wellness expert who has helped many clients transform their financial situation from moderate incomes to affluence while prioritizing their well-being.

Dawn’s refreshing take on money and finances emphasizes the importance of spending money on things that truly align with your values and bring you joy, without feeling guilty. During this conversation, she shares a powerful exercise that she does with her clients to help them identify their values and allocate their net income accordingly.

Dawn also shares her personal journey of growing up with parents who struggled financially, and how she was able to overcome her fears and build wealth by believing in herself and owning what was truly important to her. 

Dawn’s new book, “Live WELLthy: Own Your Worth, Gain Your Wealth,” which was released on April 10th, introduces her “Earn it, Own it, Grow it” mentality. This mindset involves owning who you are and maximizing your life and income, which she will delve into further in this episode. Her unique perspective on money and finances is bound to motivate you to take charge of your financial situation and create the life you desire.

Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation with Dawn Dahlby. Tune in now to discover how you can become truly WELLthy. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to enhance their relationship with money, prioritize their well-being, and build wealth.

Episode Quotes:

  • “Most people have this fear based relationship with money. Either we fear not having enough, so we over save or we fear of not being enough, so we overspend.”
  • “Own the full you–the positives and the negatives.”
  • “Our life success and our money success is about how we react to life.”
  • “Spending 80% of your time earning your income from your strengths, that’s when you’re going to earn the right type of income.”

Key Highlights:

  • Dawn shares the important questions you need to ask yourself to better understand your relationship with money.
  • Dawn emphasizes the importance of spending your money in alignment with your core values.
  • Dawn draws a comparison between money and food, highlighting the key difference between managing your finances and maintaining good health.
  • Dawn explains the concept of compound interest and how it can impact your finances.
  • Dawn opens up about her journey to becoming a behavioral financial advisor, discussing what led her down this path and why it’s important to her.
  • Dawn talks about the power of committing to something before you truly believe in it, and how this mindset helped her achieve her financial goals
  • Dawn stresses the importance of maximizing both your income and your life, and shares strategies for doing so.
  • Practical advice on the first steps you can take towards improving your relationship with money that will make the biggest impact

About Dawn Dahlby:

Dawn Dahlby is a certified financial planner, wealth wellness expert and author of the book Live WELLthyTM: Own Your Worth, Grow Your Wealth (Greenleaf Book Group, April 11, 2023). She is the country’s first behavioral financial advisor, a certification that focuses on both the emotional and practical aspects of managing money. Dawn also serves as the founder and president of Relevé Financial Group, a multi-million-dollar advisory firm. As a fiduciary with over 20 years of experience providing financial advice, Dawn has not only led her clients from moderate incomes to affluence, but she has helped them become truly “WELLthy.” Her proprietary approach helps people learn to save for tomorrow without having to sacrifice living today by merging the most effective teachings of self-help with finance to create a unique focus on “spending freedom.” Over her years as a financial advisor, Dawn realized that even the extremely rich have anxiety about money, and that if they want true financial freedom, they need to transform their thoughts and emotions, not just their bank accounts. Dawn calls this living “WELLthy.” Dawn graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BIS in Finance and Business. She is an accredited Behavioral Financial Advisor, Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Retirement Planning Consultant. For more information, visit:

Connect with Dawn:

Instagram: @dawndahlby

Facebook: Dawn Dahlby


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