Connection with others is a key ingredient in creating a loving and healthy relationship with food and with yourself. 

Why? Without connection and the feel-good chemicals that our brain releases when we feel a connection (like oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine), we’re left grasping for ways to fill the void.

Cue our abusive relationship with food, sugar, and dieting. We turn to sugar and the like for various reasons- maybe it’s because food doesn’t let us down or we feel less anxious eating than when we’re interacting with others. Whatever the reason, we turn to it to feel better and resolve our discomfort. 

And then comes addiction and dependence. We’re stuck in a cycle of feeling lonely, turning to sugar, and then deepening feelings of sadness, shame, and disappointment. These feelings make it even more appealing to turn to the food again and again.

Here’s the way out- true human connection. As tough as this may be to hear, we can’t do this as a solo mission. Connection is essential in filling the void that food has filled for so long, and restoring our sense of integrity and self-confidence. 

Remember, you aren’t in this alone. So many other people are struggling just like you, and connecting with others who share this struggle is a wonderful place to start. If you are interested in seeking more support, you can connect with others at Overeaters Anonymous or through individual and group therapy, like that here at The Beacon Program. You can do this!


Team Molly

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