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From Chronic Illness to Wellness

Krista Joy Palmer is a health coach and advocate for essential oils who has a unique story of healing herself with the help of plants. Despite suffering from autoimmune symptoms that confined her to bed, hospitals, and wheelchairs for years, Krista was able to heal herself and rediscover her passion for healing others. In this episode of What You’re Craving, Krista shares her journey to healing and how she now travels to teach others about the power of essential oils. She and Molly also recount a story of how Krista used her essential oils to cure an allergic reaction that Molly had on the day they met.

It took Krista four years to receive a diagnosis for her autoimmune illness, during which time she had to balance raising her teenage children while dealing with her symptoms. Despite this, Krista continued to work as much as she could, focusing on what she could do rather than what she couldn’t. When doTERRA approached her to help build their business and offered her a new solution for her healing journey, Krista decided to give it a try. Through doTERRA supplementation, she was able to heal more rapidly and went on to continue her work of sharing the tools and natural solutions that have helped her with others.

Krista’s objective is not to fix or heal anyone independently. Instead, she aims to establish an environment where those with chronic health challenges can enable their bodies to heal naturally. She believes that slowing down and simplifying our lives can aid in our health journey as it did with hers. This episode is perfect for anyone struggling with chronic illness, looking for natural healing methods, or simply interested in learning more about the power of essential oils. Tune in now to discover the gentle power of essential oils with Krista Joy Palmer.

Episode Quotes:

  • “I don’t fix anybody. I don’t heal anybody. I create the environment where your body can heal itself.”
  • “Pain is inevitable, it’s part of this life, but suffering is a choice.”
  • “Simplifying to gain power was my trick.”

Key Highlights

  • Krista and Molly share a story of how Krista used essential oils to save Molly’s life
  • Krista talks about her personal journey of healing herself with the help of plants
  • How Krista was able to cleanse gently with doTERRA
  • The importance of slowing down and simplifying to achieve real progress in our health journey
  • Using essential oils as a more gentle form of healing

Episode Resources:

Book: The Body Keeps the Score

About Krista Joy Palmer:

Krista Joy Palmer is a health coach and essential oil advocate.

Krista’s health journey has twists and turns no one would welcome but today she is healthy, strong and thankful. She credits Plant Power! After a lifetime of auto-immune challenges she needed health to be simple.

Krista has helped countless people in their journey to better health naturally. She supports doTERRA essential oils as the simplest place to start and the best way to do the most good for our health and the world. She teaches intro & master essential oils classes and trains other coaches.

She’s a mom, holds several wellness certifications and an MBA. She lives in SLC UT.

Connect with Krista:


Instagram: @kristajoypalmer

Twitter: @kristajoypalmer

Facebook: Krista Joy Palmer

About Molly Carmel

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Connect with Molly:

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