The Importance of Compassion in Achieving Wellness

At the age of 30, Christine was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, which forced her to learn how to eat all over again. She tried various diets but found that counting things like calories or carbs only led to obsession. This is a common issue with restrictive diets that focus on counting calories, macros, or other […]

Navigating Menopause: A Comprehensive Approach to Nutrition and Wellness

WYC 107 embed code.docx In this episode of What You’re Craving, Molly chats with Dr. Mary Claire Haver, a board-certified OB/GYN and Certified Culinary Medicine specialist. As the creator of the nutrition program, The Galveston Diet, and author of the book by the same name, Dr. Haver has made it her mission to help women […]

Discovering Joy on Demand with IntenSati

WYC 106 embed code.docx In the episode of What You’re Craving, Molly interviews Lucy Osborne, owner and CEO of intenSati, a method of movement, mantra, and meditation that aims to cultivate joy and self-awareness. Lucy describes intenSati as an ecstatically blissful practice that allows individuals to set intentions for their lives without judgment. Lucy shares […]

Understanding the Food-Mood Connection

In this episode of What You’re Craving, Molly and Amy Shah, MD, a double-board-certified medical doctor and nutrition expert, have a conversation about how to foster a better relationship with our bodies and with food. Many of us turn to processed food for quick comfort and a hit of dopamine, but Amy reveals why this […]

Owning Your Worth with Loren Lahav

WYC 104 embed code.docx In this episode of What You’re Craving, Molly is joined by Loren Lahav, an accomplished speaker, author, and coach. As someone who is deeply in tune with her wisdom and has a background of contributing and taking care of others, Loren has made her passion into a successful career. During this […]

How to Break the Cycle of Food Addiction

WYC 103 embed code.docx On this episode of What You’re Craving, Molly is joined by addiction specialist Clarissa Kennedy and her Food Junkies podcast co-host Molly Painschab. Clarissa shares her personal experience with food and alcohol addiction, discussing how changing her eating habits helped her overcome her alcohol addiction. Molly Painschab also shares her experience […]

What We Hold Onto Keeps Us Held Up

WYC 102 embed code.docx Molly sits down with Laura, a longtime member of the Breaking Up with Sugar Facebook community, to share her experience posting about her journey for 100 consecutive days. She realized through the process that there’s actually a much more powerful way to achieve her goals, and it has nothing to do […]

Making Your Self-Relationship a Priority with Mike Millner

WYC 101 embed code.docx A vulnerable state of wanting to lose weight can make diet culture messaging enticing, and we are more likely to follow whatever diet plan promises to deliver the results we want. It is important to realize that no single meal plan or approach will work for every individual. No matter what […]

Challenging Our Toxic Thoughts

WYC 100 embed code.docx Molly is joined by Leanne, a member of the “Breaking Up with Sugar” Facebook community to engage in a coaching session and take a deeper dive into her relationship with food. Usually, this journey goes one of two ways: we heal our relationship with food, and then other parts of our […]

Find Calm in the Chaos Through Mindfulness and Meditation

There is a profound wisdom inside of us that knows exactly what to do and who we are, but that wisdom is often overshadowed and drowned out by the chaos around us. We live in a world full of noise and are constantly bombarded with different messages. Even in the health and wellness realm, with […]